90 Popular haters quotes that make you strong


Haters quotes are for jealous people, who are not happy for your success. Whatever you do in your life, there is always a crowd who is against you, not because you are wrong, it’s because they are jealous of your success. Hater’s quotes give you strength to deal with such people. Haters are always happy when you lose in any chapter of your life, this is just because these people can’t do something themselves, they criticize you as well on your try. When you try, try and try and get success, these people start discussing your failure in front of you, just to make you feel bad.

Dear Haters, i have so much more for you to be mad at. just be patient.

They don’t like you, but they will be checking your page religiously.

I keep my head held high and smile, because there are people who will kill to see me fall.

Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgment and ultimately withhold your destiny.

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.

Respect your haters they’re the only ones who think you’re better than them.

The haters always scream the loudest.

H.A.T.E.R.S. > Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

Someone who hates you normally hates you for one of three reasons. Either they see you as a threat, they hate themselves or they want to be you.

Jealousy is the best compliment you can receive!

Don’t let jealousy fool you. It’s just another name for insecurity.

Insecurity is an ugly thing, it makes you hate people you don’t even know.

Haters only hate the people they can’t have or the people they can’t be.

Jealousy is just a lack of self-confidence.

The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

I don’t chase after anyone, If you wanna walk out of my life, then I’ll hold the fucking door open for you.

Haters and bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys.

Friends ask you questions; enemies question you.

There will always be haters. And the more you grow the more they hate; the more they hate the more you grow.

Hate your haters, then you are no different from them.

To all my haters thank you for making me the center of your world, its much appreciated!

When you’re talking to your friend and you stop mid-sentence because the b*tch you don’t like, walks by.

Don’t mess with someone else’s relationship just because you can’t get one.

Smiling at the bitch who hates you.

Behind every successful person lies a pack of Haters! I love my haters!

Don’t doubt yourself, that’s what haters are for.

Don’t try to win over the haters; you are not a jackass whisperer.

Haters are my favorite. I’ve built an empire with the bricks they’ve thrown at me. Keep on hating.

Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody’s gotta do it.

Haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end.

I don’t worry about the haters? They are just angry because the truth I speak contradicts the lie they live.

Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you.

I have no time for your negative bullshit.

If you don’t like me & Still watch everything I do, bitch you are a fan.

Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine.